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August 9, 19??

Our birthday gal is a great lady
And a friend to all !
Her daily schudule puts the rest of us to shame.
Most nights she is up until all hours helping friends with html.

( I personally can attest to this)

Then up again with the birds
to prepare for the daily events that occur in the Thomas household.

Kids of all sizes and shapes, young and old

keep this house a jumpin' daily or should I say, HOURLY !

Let's grab Dora Belle and begin the celebration !

Dora Belle just can't wait to give Glo her presents !

Just a minute, your little Amber Angel doesn't want to miss grandma's party

Come on, Glo, start opening the gifts.


At last we all can have a 'Rita

And a delicious piece of cake.

Well, I'll be...the grannie chorus is warming up for a song.
They can sing a mean Happy Birthday !


With Lotsa Big Birthday Hugs

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