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Gather the materials needed, such as paper, pencil, crayons and scissors...
(oh, don't forget the drink of your choice)..
and maybe a grandchild or two.
Look over the following links, find one that fit's your fancy and go for it !
And of course, sing "My Country 'Tis Of Thee" (in the key of C) while you are doing this.

Ready, set, go...

George Washington Quiz

2002 Summer Event

President's Day At Kids Domain

American President Crossword Puzzle

(This is hard)

Read an online biography about Geo. Washington

Online tour Of Philadelphia

Washington Trivia

Learn about Martha Washington

Presidential Activities Page..Also Abe Lincoln activities included

Present a skit or puppet show on various activities in the life of Geo. Washington.

Learn to sing The National Anthem and America.

Rent the movie "All The President's Men".

Attend parades and patriotic celebrations in your home community.

Proudly display the American flag.

Keep the 57 Chevy in good running condition
so you can travel across this great land of ours
visiting the historical presidential landmarks.
And most of all have fun while you are learning !

"Click To Play After America Is Finished"

Please don't stop here
Last, but not least...