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God Bless Amerca

When I was a very young child
I held a tremendous interest in music.
I started taking piano lessons at age four.
The lessons were on again off again
depending when I could find a teacher.
After high school I persued a
degree in music education
from CAPITAL UNIVERSITY, in Columbus, Ohio,
majoring in clarinet, oboe, piano and voice.The year being 1959
I taught 31 years in Michigan, Ohio
and Florida.
I married in 1959 and three years
later my twin daughters were born
Hence being blessed with
four wonderful granchildren.
I retired from public school music in 1990.
I teach privately now and enjoy Webtv.
Along my Webtv experience
I have had the good fortune
to meet lots and lots of
wonderful and talented people.
Because of them
These page have been born !
Enough about me and
on to JazzyGma's Websites.

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